Good Thinking - Episode 25

"Imagine a world in which even cartoons for children tell boys they can’t feel upset; they must be superheroes. That was my world."


BUPA Foundation Episode 8 - Resilience through conversation

In the run-up to Time to Talk Day (4 Feb), we spoke with Mind’s Stephen Buckley and lived experience consultant António Ferreira about how to be a good friend and supporter to someone who’s living with a severe mental health condition.

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BBC 1Xtra If You Don't Know - Young, Black & Schizophrenic 

On EastEnders and IRL. More often than not, things like schizophrenia aren't really talked about in our communities. But, thanks to EastEnders, loads of people have been watching Isaac deal with the mental illness. In this episode, we speak to someone who knows what it’s like to live with schizophrenia. António Ferreira worked with EastEnders to try and get the most authentic and genuine storyline. Big respect and big learns.


When António Ferreira was sectioned he says he felt he was discriminated against because of his skin colour.

Now a student at Essex University, he hopes to improve police understanding of mental health problems.

We were able to speak to one of those young people, 18-year-old Saadia, and António, who, like Saadia, works with the charity Mind to raise awareness about the mental health of children and young people.

António Ferreira was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, and he is now working with


, using his own experience, to help advise EastEnders on a storyline surrounding the condition.

This session will showcase the most forward-thinking kids’ content from around the world that has wellbeing at its heart. A panel of industry experts, mental health advocates and lived experience representatives share their thoughts and best practices, alongside research from the U.K.’s leading mental health charity, The McPin Foundation. 

For the fourth consecutive year, Thrive LDN and the Mayor of London’s Peer Outreach Team are hosted a series of young Londoner-led events to mark World Mental Health Day.

This year’s festival, Never Alone LDN, took a look at how young Londoners can come together to overcome the challenges we face, and reflecting on the experiences of young Londoners over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.