My Work

I instigate meaningful campaigns that explore the intersection of race and mental health to generate systemic change to deeply embedded attitudes.

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Hear Me Speak

Hear Me Speak is a UK-based campaign supported by youth mental health charity Beyond where I call on the Independent Office for Police Conduct, Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime,The National Police Chiefs' Council, Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, College of Policing, the Home Secretary and the Home Office to strengthen legislation, guidance, and training around policing within a mental health crisis and, crucially, to involve those with lived experience in shaping this legislation, guidance and training from start to end.

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Moving Beyond Tokenism

On the 20th of October 2021, I started a petition: calling out all senior leaders of mental health charities to take genuine accountability for their organisation's anti-racist promises and began a campaign to eradicate tokenism.

My campaign gained the support of many. My petition was signed by hundreds of people and called the attention of the most public-facing CEOs in the mental health space. As a result, various CEOs have since met with me and committed to driving meaningful change within their organisations.

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