Public Speaking

If you work for a mental health charity, NHS Trust, academic institution, local council, private company or other organisation, I can help you educate your employees or students and break the stigma of mental health through workshops and talks. I'm also available for media interviews.

António has given talks at various schools, universities, conferences, and workplaces.

These have included: Burtons Biscuits, Pladis Global and the University of Birmingham. In addition, António's talks include a Q&A session.

Dr Mahnaz Hashmi

Deputy Head of Psychiatry Academy, Aston Medical School

"Many thanks, António, for delivering an inspiring and eye-opening talk to our Year 3 medical students at Aston Medical School. This was their first taster of psychiatry and many of them spoke after the session about being moved by your insights and experiences of being a young black man under the care of mental health services. Your talk was an excellent starting point for them to think about the importance of compassion, empathy and understanding the patient's perspective when learning psychiatry."